It has now been 28 years that I compose and arrange objects, gluing and assembling them in every possible way.

Actually I began even earlier, at about 12 years old I started model making. Those boxes full of miniscule pieces that, once assembled, became an airplane, a tank or a car, were incredibly fascinating to me: from nothing (fragments) they became a whole, completed. After many years the passion became a necessity and my work in cinema, television and advertising, helped me learn about materials and sharpen techniques. The discovery of artists such as H. R. Giger, Dave Mc Kean, Mike Mignola propelled me to find my own personal creative path.

In the beginning (1990) I was strongly influenced by my cinematographic passions and David Cronenberg, Tim Burton and David Lynch were often sources of inspiration and ideas.

The first series of pieces called Tecnomorfi”  (1990-1998) appeared as a mixture between industrial archaeology and primitive art.

These works were followed by Paleomorfi”  (1998-2000), a kind of fantastic bestiary in which the specimens were represented as fossils.

Then in 2000 the Icons” arrived and I am still working on this series today. The principle that they are based on is the reinterpretation of sacred byzantine art, through the ennoblement of everyday objects: toys, coins, keys, buttons, everything that can be useful to my work, and that when reorganised and treated, can become three dimensional images, teeming with detail and symbolic references.

In the last years I have added a fourth series, the Archeomorfi in which I have included all those works that in some way were different in style or meaning, to the other categories: masks, jewels, equestrian bronzes… objects that are too particular to be included in the complex context of the “Icons”, here find ample breadth with their essentiality, at times bareness, yet remaining rich in significance.    


7/14 dicembre - “Cronache Cicliche”  - SALA BLU (La Clessidra) – Roma   -  scheda della mostra su Funweek     -     scheda della mostra su Artribune 

5 agosto/6 settembre, "Identità " - Iper Uranium galleria d'arte – Roma

6/23 febbraio, “Di Demoni e Dei”  - Interazioni Art Gallery – Roma -   video -   scheda della mostra su Artribune 


 “Compromissioni” - Fondazione G. Mazzullo – Palazzo dei Duchi di S. Stefano  - Taormina


54^ Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte della Biennale di Venezia”, Padiglione Italia - Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Torino